April Showered

April Showered

April showered us with lots of love to foster and grow.

We are planting seeds of love, nurturing, watering, cultivating Love in our hearts mind and soul.

We must heal the human discord that is consuming us.

Let us come to an agreement there is One Earth, and we are One Humanity.

Healing starts when you acknowledge the beginning of division.

đź’›Please, be kind, sensitive, and loving.
đź’›Listen when someone speaks.
đź’›Acknowledge what you heard.
đź’›Deflect negative comments or sarcasm.
đź’›Hold close to the sacredness of love and let it guide you.

Join us in celebrating 1E1H One Earth One Humanity by buying a UniTee for an Adult or Youth.

You can share this message too.

Thank you!


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