Birds and Branches

Birds and Branches

New Year's Day I woke up to birds singing. I enjoyed hearing them, so I decided to go outside and sit in the sun. 

When I did, I saw there were a number of baby birds flying from tree to tree in my yard and the neighbors too. I was mesmerized.

I watched in awe, honored my home was chosen again for birds to nest and give birth to their babies. A sign of fruitfulness. This time there were at least twice as many birdies flying around.

My eyes fell on one bird sitting on a branch who jumped to another branch. Its movement was quick. The branch seemed wobbly, yet it held strong, and the bird sat confidently. 

Immediately, I thought of God's Word: "I am the vine you are the branch." (John 15:5)

As I saw two birds frolic in the sky, the Holy Spirit reminded me: “Look how your Heavenly Father takes care of the birds in the air. How much more will he take care of you?” (Matt 6:26)

I was warmed by the Son. I know my God has been listening, guiding, and was comforting me to say, “You’re alright. I’m with you. I’m taking care of you.”

I felt immediately the strength of Habakkuk 2:3. “Though it tarries, wait for it; it does not tarry.”

That scripture always sounded like an oxymoron… like why would you say its tarrying and then tell me its not tarrying?

Real life is a teacher.

LuvEnlightens was birthed in 2012. Its had iterations of growth, failures, and successes.

2023 felt like a year of weariness. Nevertheless, I am encouraged today, the work done before has not been in vain. God is with me. God is still maturing me and LuvEnlightens. 

I can now boldly declare LuvEnlightens is a ministry. I share Christ in everything. We are a social enterprise for Christ. I love the teachings of the Bible. It teaches me how to live. Coupled with the knowledge of Christ and Behavioral Science, I’m birthing a new model, Spiritual Emotional Wellness (SEW).

In 2024, we will be focusing our attention on building our messages, sharing them as Keynote address, and expanding our territory. I anticipate more aligned partnerships, followers, and opportunities.

Thank you for following. Your patronage is most important.

This is our outlook on 2024. What’s good with you? Leave a comment below.

Please be encouraged that you are not forgotten. Keep tending to the Seeds of Love you plant and watch them bloom.

Happy New Year's to you!

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