Blahs, A-has, or Hoorahs: Don’t Lose Heart

Blahs, A-has, or Hoorahs: Don’t Lose Heart

New Year’s Eve comes in with a great sense of renewal, a needed refresh to keep moving on.

It’s amazing how this is a shared tradition from every corner of the globe. One of the common things we share in our humanity.

Let’s face it, 2020 was stormy with trying to manage a dangerous virus that to this day proves to be volatile.

2021 some of us were able to recover and get our balance back. Yet, many of us are suffering losses of loved ones grieving they will never return. Others are recovering or still suffering from financial distress. Anxieties had somewhat subsided with the vaccine, yet a new variant again threatens more lives.

In 2022, where are you? Are you feeling between disillusionment and grace? Many didn’t make it, but we are here. Have you asked yourself:

We ordinarily set resolutions as goals we want to achieve in ways we envision or know will better our lives. Intrinsic Motivation is a good thing! We need motivation to drive us forward, overcome fears, take more risks, stretch ourselves, and achieve more personal success.

Please, do not lose heart. You and I are here for a reason.

Mine is to fulfill the life mission God has in store for LuvEnlightens: to heal the human discord and cause a Global Heartwarming by sharing messages of love to enlighten the soul.

What is your purpose? What vision-mission do you have in mind or heart to fulfill? We all want to live fulfilling lives, yes?

Let’s build on our goals and probe more into these questions:

  • Why am I here?
  • Am I using my gifts and talents?
  • How can I shine?
  • How can I live my light?

Remember, anything good does not harm yourself or anyone else. You are good. All that God created is good.

Rebuke any corruption of the thought that distorts the truth of your being. God, Our Creator, made us in like image and form. God made us love.

Focus your attention on love. How to love God, how to love yourself, and how to love others.

In doing so, we all find personal and global success. We impact the world. We must be good caretakers of ourselves.

Nurture our spirit in love, God love, agape love, brotherly love. A love that demonstrates kindness.

We don’t know what tomorrow brings. We are living each day now gingerly. Let us be intentional about walking carefully in the spirit of kindness. Showing kindness to ourselves and one another.

Let us love one another as neighbors and caretakers of the planet, our global home, Earth.

Blahs are part of the process. Its temporary if you keep on seeking. You decide how long you want to sit in that pit of self-pity. Use your disappointments to propel you into discovery mode. Ask new questions. Go on a seek-and-find journey. Be determined to overcome the roadblocks or create new in-roads.

Feel the blah. Ugh! Waiting can sometimes be oh so taxing. But what are you going to do? You do what you can. Put yourself to something purposeful.

Thank God for the A-has! Yes! Enlightenment. Knowledge. Awakening. Awareness. A moment where an idea or thought crystalizes and one often feels inspired. It can be an experience that shifts your perspective. An A-ha moment can be a many of things; its not limited to our finite minds. We’re grateful for these A-ha moments because they are part of the hope and expectation of things to come.

Hoorahs are moments of victories—celebrate them! Careful not to downplay steps fulfilled as part of your journey’s success. A vision is interesting because you see the whole, but we are figuring out the parts to the path of its, or our, success. We need a confirmation. A beacon of light. A ray of hope. A divine meeting. Synchronicity. A God Wink. Thankfully, they happen. Value the wins!

As for resolutions, cherish them as your life goals. Resolve they will be accomplished.

Be gentle with life. It doesn’t always happen in our desired time.

Faith is to believe in the seed you planted by the words of your mouth and belief in your heart.

Remind yourself, what is my confession of faith? What do I believe? Professing your faith helps to beat the blahs. Prayer is often my solution. I will affirm:

“Today is a new day. We turn the page to a new year. I declare and decree the manifestation of all good things are happening for me, in Jesus name.”

You may borrow mine if you wish. Be determined. Do not lose heart. Take joy in your victories. Declare and decree today will be a new day you choose a new way to cope with Blahs, Ahas, and Hoorahs.

This has been a message of love to enlighten your soul.



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