Centering on Peace

Centering on Peace

A new year has begun.

The calendar dates have changed like they do from day-to-day.

Yet culturally we get excited about this time of renewal.

What does this time of renewal really mean to me?

As I journaled, I saw the writings of my own words: “I am centering on peace.”

Peace by definition means to be in a state of non-warfare.

Warfare is more than chemical or physical weaponry.  We have warfare of the mind, heart, and spirit.

Today, I am centering on peace.

I am calling every thought to conform to peace.

I am speaking to my heart, “Peace be still.”

I am encouraging my tongue to be bridled and speak with peace.

I am asking God to bless my hands, purify my heart that I may be a vessel of peace.

I pray that I be led by peace and as much as possible have peace with everyone.

I wrote a poem, “Charge Declined,” in 2022, “Peace is my soul barometer.” It still is.

I honestly don't know what I'm doing but I do know I am seeking the Lord for direction, wisdom, discernment, and all the other whatsoever's I need to maintain a life of peace and love.
According to Google, centering is a noun meaning the framing used to support an arch or dome while under construction. It's an architectural definition; I'll take it.
Centering also means to focus in, on, or around. I am building out a new framework focusing on peace.
It's also like a cocoon; a shell of protection.
It is wise to seek peace. Proverbs 17:28 says: “Even a fool, when he holds his peace, is counted wise."

This communicates to me there is safety in peace.

My hope and prayer for you too as we begin 2023 is for you to have or find a framework that allows you to go within to cultivate more peace in your life.

May this be an accomplishment for eternal glory. Peace.

With love,



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