Change Something Today handwritten by Angela Cherise Alley

Change Something Today

Did You Change Something Today?

The world seems to be falling apart yet coming together at the same time.

Dissension and discord wrestle to harmonies prevail.

News lines outcries of murderous intentions, a child missing, a broken down system, of government.

Families, people are trying to repair their brokenness.

Did you change something today?

Did you ask yourself, “How can I be a part of the solution?”

Children being abducted into slavery, sold for sexual misconduct.

War is raging.

People are dying.

Hunger is abiding.

Water is drying.

Children abused. Women, some men, too.

Homelessness, poverty climbing.

Education is losing its grip of importance.

Safety becoming a rare commodity.

Did you change something today?

Have you given a donation, said a prayer for someone else?

Have you shown gentleness, love, forgiveness and kindness toward yourself?

Are you expressing compassion to others?

Have you listened attentively or are you hurting to be heard?

Did you change something today?

Are you willing to change something today?

A smile.

An old memory.

Write a new story.

Sing a new song.

Give generously.

Go on a mission.

Cheer with gratefulness.

Are you willing to stop gossiping, whispering, destroying with your words?

Are you willing to use your hands to build something constructive?

Are you willing to look beyond what you perceive to a ‘we all belong’ view?

Are you willing to take up the power inherently within you?

Change something today, every day for the betterment of your individual and our collective good.


Written by A.C. Alley on 7/9/2018

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