Confronting Fears: A Liberating Journey to Authenticity

Confronting Fears: A Liberating Journey to Authenticity

Getting out of my own way.

There have been times—many, in fact—where I thought I had it all together. I got it going on was going on. OK?!

And then, reality kicks in.

Poo poo stinks.

Sometimes—oftentimes—I sprayed cologne to mask the smell but it only intensified the stench.

I learned to face facts, live in hard truths and let them comfort my soul.

I decided to stop being afraid.

Why am I fearing? What am I fearing?

I feel like I’ve been genetically encoded to fear the boogie man as real.

"You betta watch out girl. Who do you think you are? Know your place."

I’ve decided my place. It is in the shadow of the Almighty.

Can’t you see? My God is all around me. I know. I believe.

It's not witchcraft to have faith in the Holy Ghost.

It is accepting the trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


He is the vine: I am the branch. Together, we bear fruit. (John 15:5)

Why should I be afraid? Why should I concede to a lie? Any lie is destructive.

It takes courage to confront a lie; it’s also liberating too.

"Be of good strength and good courage." Joshua 1:8


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