Thought Consumption Regulator

Thought Consumption Regulator

“I will not allow my circumstances to consume me.”

I had a moment last week

I was feeling overwhelmed

I felt a pain in my chest

I got scared

I thought about my health

I thought

Oh no

I cannot let these thoughts consume me.

And like that

I changed my mind


I realized

I allowed my thoughts to consume me

But I could change that

And as I spoke that word

Believed it so

It was

Immediately, the atmosphere

Internally shifted.

I felt lighter.

I began to praise God

For keeping me from a heart attack

I don’t want that

It happens to people

Of all ages.

I thanked God

For presence, provision…

Like Marvin Sapp sang

“I thank you for it all

The good bad ugly

Great or small.”


As one who has declared “No more depression,

No more suicidal ideation,”

I’ve learned its important to watch my language.

Not only my language but my thoughts

I heard myself saying


Inwardly, and


“I’m tired.”


I could feel tightness in my chest

I had to release the breath

I turn my attention to

My ability to tell my mind


I can shift my train of thinking

By moving my body

Turning my head

Redirecting my attention

Redirects energy

The brain contemplates and converses

About so many things

It is good to know

I can take authority over my thoughts

I can shift

And uplift.

So can you.


“I can manage difficult things.

I am not afraid.

It will not consume me.

I breathe and let be.”


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