Constitution of the Heart

Constitution of the Heart

What is the constitution of your heart?

Over the years, there has been much debate over the meaning of US The Constitution, who it was written for, who was written out, and how do we actualize “justice and liberty for all.”

The United States Constitution is described as the Supreme law of the land.

However, the land is home to humanity momentarily.

I urge us to consider what is the supreme law of our hearts. Is it love?

How do we write love into our lives? Or do we script it out?

Are we loving liberally to all? Or are we discriminatory in our practices?

Is the love we give conditional? Or unconditional?

Do we withhold love for “if” or “when?”

Are we loving and living for our highest good? Or do we think and speak on love more than acting upon it?

According to the Bible, 2 Corinthians 3:3, You are a letter from Christ… not written as other letters are written with ink, or on pieces of stone. You are written in human hearts by the Spirit of the living God.

The words on stone, or paper, matter; however, the words written on our hearts and the hearts of others are the matter of matters.

What constitution have you written on your heart? 

What mandate of love do you live by?

The decision to love and how to express love is at your discretion.

We are the determiners of the constitution of our own hearts.


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