Double Rainbow, Double Portion

Double Rainbow, Double Portion

God blessed me this 2023 New Year's Day with a rainbow 🌈 a double rainbow 🌈 It was amazing!

It ministered to my soul that God is giving a double portion for my pain. He's seen the storms, He's been with me through them. He's brought the rain to purify, cleanse and nurture the seed planted in good soil to produce good fruit.

I am a Producer; so are you.
My seed is love.
What is yours?

I'm going to produce more fruit than ever and receive a bountiful harvest.

What are you planting?
What are you plucking up?
What are you nurturing and cultivating?

The year 2023 stands on 2022. They cannot be separated. What happened in years or days prior built you up for today and your tomorrow. 

Watch vlog Sun, Storms & Rainbows for what God poured out.

Cheers to a Happy New Year! Here's a rainbow, a sign of hope, for you.

With Love,

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