Enough is Enough original handwriting blog post for T-shirt, "I Am Enough"

Enough is Enough

Enough is enough

We often say

Referring to a level of tolerance

Google defines as

A determiner

Are we able to say

I am enough

Tolerating our faults

And favoring to the magic inside

Aren’t we individually

Some kind of spectacular

Do you know

You are capable of

Mastering your emotions

No matter what

Childhood or life trauma

Has befallen you

Your interest in wanting to better yourself

Is a demonstration of your belief that

You can better your thinking   

To create a more peaceful mind

Which will enhance your life.

You are enough.

God, El Shaddai, More than Enough

Created you to be Enough

Look to God for definition of His image in you.

You are beautifully, fearfully, awesomely made.

Aude to Genesis 17:1 and Psalms 139:14


Affirmation: I am capable of mastering my emotions.


Angela Cherise Alley © 2022


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