From Vision to Victory: Crafting My Personal Triumph

From Vision to Victory: Crafting My Personal Triumph

I am so stoked! I have created a garment just for me.

It was amazing watching the design come to life.

It first began with me writing my God-given name, Angel, for email signature.

Then, God showed me to use it as a design just for me.

I was kind of tickled but I giggled right on into the ownership as CEO.

“Yeah," I thought quizzically, "Why not for me?”

I smiled to myself in awe mazement of God.

I realized all this time that I have been doing LuvEnlightens has been with writing for others--not myself.

I have been specializing my craft of customizing handwritten messages as graphics, yet it was always with the intention of it being for the world. 

I have now created a customized product for myself. Feels super yummy!

Since it is a one-of-a-kind, just for me, not the brand, but for the brand, and since I am the CEO, I decided to go with something different, a little more daring, for my taste.

I chose a cardinal red ¾ length sleeve with a raw edge neckline. This style and shape I like.

I chose for my name, Angel, to be written in gold.

And the meaning of my name, Angela Cherise, as my father intended, translated to, Messenger of Love, is written (or, will be printed) on the reverse.

I saw it tonight. I burst out in tears. I was overcome with so much joy!

I was looking at my hard work and perseverance using the talent and vision God gave little ole me.

Manifested in front of me, for me, by me, because of He.

I am grateful.

I am so thankful I did not give up.

This is a turning point.

I’ve been sensing in my spirit “a flex point.”

Pulling out the nets. I will pull out Jesus where you tell me to and upon your word, I will drop my nets.

Prepare ye the way of the Lord. I believe in harvest and overflow.

I hear the floods.

The water will not overtake me: the water will restore my soul.

Like Noah, LuvEnlightens has been built up plank by plank as God instructed.

I see what men have reasoned in their hearts.

“You need to give up and go back to your government job.”

“I mean, really.”

Gossipers have no authority over me.

Lord my God is my identity.

See me: See Christ. Abba is all around.

Any words of condemnation will be brought down, corrected, and conformed to the obedience of Christ.

Only be strong and of good courage. 

I walk the Earth in purpose.

My God has created me for a great work.

For Christ I live. For Christ I die. I said it. I meant it.

I hear the roaring thunderous sound of the waves gather momentum.

I am not going to stop.


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Written by ACAlley 4/3/2023

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