Fumbling Into Found

Fumbling Into Found

Recently I attended a conference, CES 2023, the largest I'd ever been to with over 100K attendees and 3200 Exhibits. I was a guest of a friend and was happy to oblige to see her. The opportunity to learn something new and network was a plus.

My friend believes in me. She raved about my skills and talents, some I haven’t even claimed. She pushed me out there introducing me to one person after another. Though I didn’t feel ready, when pushed out of the nest, I found wings to fly.

I fumbled over my words trying to recall what I wrote down from the business class I took. I rehearsed it several times. The pitch was perfect then. Why were the words escaping me now? Yikes!

Then, I surrendered. I took a breath. Smiled. Spoke my name. Maintained eye contact with confidence and sincerity. I shared who I am and LuvEnlightens vision-mission.

I fumbled many times, but I found my way. I caught a rhythm. I even determined when to extend intro or abbreviate.

When asked, “What are you here for?” I was able to articulate what I was hoping to gain. “I’m looking for a vendor who provides a customizable feature for my apparel business so my customers can choose which tee, tank, or hoodie they’d like to place the affirmation on. Do you know of someone who offers that service?

No one whom I spoke to was able to provide a referral. However, the win was in me speaking up. I was proud of myself. I was grateful to have a friend who believed in me and my vision so greatly she went before me providing the way.

There were multiple wins actually. I shared LuvEnlightens with many. Doors of opportunities were opened.

I met a Professor of Marketing from the University of Idaho who loves our social enterprise model. He said, “I tell my students about this business model.” I told him, “Great! If you’d like for me to be a guest speaker with your class, I’d be happy to do so.” He was surprised by the offer and cheerfully said, “Yes.”

I added, “I am looking to expand this year by bringing on student interns to help grow the business. Maybe it can be a partnership.”

He was amenable. I was pleased. My speaking up was the reward. The benefits are sure to follow.

Although I didn’t think I had the right words, speaking up was enough.

I appreciate the patience of people who understood I was nervous. They softened their gaze and body language while staying engaged with me. I thank them.

Although imperfect, it was simple perfection by doing. I fumbled into found; then I was flying. 

What are you fumbling over? Be encouraged you will find your way.

May you learn the strength of your wings as you flap to fly.

Affirmation: "I will go even though I don't know the way."

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