Goodbye Sycamine!

Goodbye Sycamine!

I listened to a powerful message by Bishop TD Jakes titled, Defense to Offenses: Get Out of Your Feelings. He spoke from scripture Luke 17:6 (KJV):

I have been troubled in heart and spirit with depression for a long time. I am saying goodbye to that sycamine. It has become too much of a norm and I don’t want it anymore. We are breaking up. From the root, I say be plucked up and be gone. Get out of my life. You have no more place here. You must go into the deep of the sea and trouble no one anymore.

I declare and decree my mind is free. I receive complete restoration from the love of God. I know He is pleased to receive me.

In our blog post, Surviving Suicide Mind, we discussed seasons in life. Ecclesiastes 3:2

V2: There is a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which has been planted.

Everything with the root of the sycamine be plucked up and cast into the sea. I believe, declare, and decree it is done. Suicide thoughts. Gone. Depression gone. Low self-worth. Gone. People pleasing. Gone. Anything else that doesn’t serve me or the kingdom of God, is gone, in the name of Jesus.

I pray that you will have mustard seed faith, talk to that sycamine tree in your spirit man and command it to be plucked up by the root, and cast into the sea.

When Jesus healed a man who called himself, Legion, meaning many, referring to evil spirits, he casted them out and commanded them to go into the sea.

Now, from the Old Testament, we read Solomon tell us that we can pluck something up from the root.

In Luke, Jesus tells us how, by having faith the size of a mustard seed or greater.

Why cast into the sea? Because there are parts of the sea, or ocean, where man cannot go. Our bodies cannot breathe after certain depths of the sea.

I command the sycamine go to the deep of the ocean where no human can be touched, where it cannot touch any form of life that will be touched or consumed by humans. That tree of torment must die, in Jesus name.

Can I stand in agreement with you for something you are praying on or over? I stand by you in the name of Jesus. Our faith together is the grain or greater. God hears. God knows. God answers.

Our humility, or surrendering ourselves, promises good rewards.

May you be well, in Jesus name.



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