I Am Someone

I Am Someone

When I wrote the quote, it was in context of how I put myself secondary. Up until now, I have been looking at what I accomplish as taking care of myself. Not so. To differentiate, taking care of my business is not taking care of me.

My eating habits are poor. I get the Surgeon General’s bare minimum exercise, or less, weekly. I could benefit from more water, exercise, and live foods. That’s self-care.

I practice manna morning meditation. My intention is daily. I get off course occasionally. When I do, I get back to it. I’m grateful to have adopted this practice and know its benefits.

The interest in not harming oneself will resonate with whomever it agrees with how it needs to resonate with that someone and will be enlightened on how to respond.

It’s OK to love yourself.


I am someone. I value. I will love myself into loving me.

I will say yes to my good and no to what does not serve me.

I will forgive quickly because I know the value of keeping my heart free.

I extend forgiveness to myself.

I give myself permission to live, mistakes included, and rise again.


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