How much has changed? Progression. Regression and stagnation. 

In this digital Era, I was unable to find hardly any of Dr. King's speeches to lay over video and pics I took while visiting The King Center in Atlanta, GA.

How detestable! 

Dr. King and Mrs. Coretta Scott King deserve for their words to be heard and accessible to general population through our social mediums.

This is an act we can do to ensure the rights of all--namely African-American people.

No, things are not equally balanced towards Blacks in America.

I am disgusted and appalled by the blatant racist behaviors from many. They call it micro aggression but it's macro offensive.

Like Beyonce, you won't break my soul.  Nonetheless, it's cruel and insensitive. It does make my soul say, "Ouch," and "Why?"

How will we better humanity if we are unwilling to acknowledge the wrongs and have willingness to right them?

Otto Preminger, Austrian-American Theater & Film Director, stated:

"I have great admiration for Dr. King. His spirit and devotion to these ideals when translated will lead to full democracy. The greatest advancement of Americans of all creeds and colors that our country has ever known."

Dr. King is noted to respond with these three words for change: All, Here, and Now.

People, please search your hearts to:
  • Think and speak kinder. 
  • Refrain from racial jokes. 
  • Endeavor to love everybody as you love yourself. 
  • Value other’s voices and experiences 
  • Show empathy and compassion 
  • Be determined to be principled
  • Educate yourself

I thank those who are living their love commitments. I am endeavoring to do the same.

To Dr. King, thank you for your courage. Mrs. Coretta Scott King, I thank you too.

May we all borrow from you when faced to be integral against injustice for one and all.

These pictures were taken while in Atlanta GA. Statue is located at King's Alma Mattar, Morehouse College. Picture taken at The Center for Nonviolence, also known as, The King Center, is of Founder, Angel, wearing LuvEnlightens, Happy ThanksLiving Tshirt.
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