Labor of Love

Labor of Love

Seems all we do in life is to the end, as it is in the beginning, is to love.

Our work, efforts, and commitments are for the betterment of life for ourselves or someone else.

We labor to love more healthily, God, ourselves, and one another.

This labor of love of love is not in vain. It is righteous—a good thing—to want to love better.

Love has a multitude of meaning to many of people. Commonly, love comes with a feeling of safety, security, kept, wholeness—a place where you can realize your fears, them be assuaged, and you comforted without degradation or humiliation.

Safety is hidden in the four letters of love yet is an often unspoken expectation.

Are you laboring to keep a safe place for yourself and someone else?

Do you love your neighbors, complete strangers, with the love you uphold for yourself? Or, do you withdraw, reserving love for only persons you know?

Do you consider everyone worthy of love? Do you think some people are loveless? Do you think you are loveless? Do you think you are broken to love or be loved?

These are important questions to examine ourselves on how we are laboring to love, then surrendering to the truth on how we can love better.

We all need love. Can we agree on that?

We are all from the Source of Love; therefore, we are love.

We are faulty; we haven’t gotten it always right. But when we do love right, oh how it feels so good.

When we receive good love—Mama love, pet love, friendship, eros, or agape—its like, “Yes, give me some more.”

When we find that we have lived less to our ideal of love, we can carry higher love into that space and have a conversation on how to love better.

Sometimes examining “Why?” is too much. It can lead away or into other territory that is distracting. On the other hand, it may bear the benefit of being revealing.

Nonetheless, if you desire to labor to a higher love, the question can begin with, “How?”

There are many healthful resources available. Seek and you will find.

Today, I read a handbook titled, Self-Love: A Guide for Self-Love, by Chermel Williams. She wrote:

“Challenging yourself to be and do better says that there is greatness and purpose in you, and it should be lived into.”

Chermel Williams is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT), and a Guest Speaker with LuvEnlightens every 4th Thursday of the month. We talk about how to be better lovers to ourselves, so we can show up and be better persons, or lovers, to the world. We will have more peace, joy, and fulfillment.

You are welcome to listen to our past recordings available on LuvEnlightens YouTube channel, or Instagram History.

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