“Launch out into the deep and let down your nets.” Jesus to Simon, Luke 5:4

And it came to pass, after many days of working, what felt like toiling, in preparation of giving up, ringing out nets, Jesus came along and gives a command.

But before Christ does, he has a conversation with Simon. He even went into his boat and waited for him. Then when Simon saw Jesus, he gave his explanation.

Jesus asked Simon to do him a favor, “put out just a little from the land (v3).” Simon did and Jesus taught.

After his obedience without expecting anything in return, Jesus told him to “launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.”

Simon retorted, paraphrasing, “We been out there all night. Aint nothing out there.” But his conversation did not end in disbelief. No. Simon spoke faith.

“Nevertheless, at your word I will (v5).”

What occurred after his obedience in faith, the fishermen caught many fishes to the point of their nets breaking. They were so abundant, there was overflow. They called their friends, their networks, and said, “Come get some of these fish, there’s enough for everybody.” And there was.

The bounty was plentiful and blessed many.

LuvEnlightens has been in development since 2011. It is now 12-years later. Many days I have felt as though I have toiled, dropping my nets, catching nothing. Nevertheless, I did my work.

I am grateful for the fish, the lives that have been touched by LuvEnlightens, and how those lives, or LuvBuds, have also touched me. It’s a mutual blessing.

Now, I hear the voice of my Lord saying, “Launch out into the deep.”

As of now, I have been in shallow waters. Sometimes fearing what to say, not wanting to be too holy. But, God has called me holy.

I wear the breastplate of righteousness. I’ve shod my feet with the gospel of peace. My waist is girded with the gospel of truth. I rely on the shield of God’s word. It is mighty and quenches a number of fiery darts. I am protected by His love. I am emboldened to speak as I ought. (Ephesians 6:14-20)

Our nevertheless moment is here.

Time to launch out into the deep, as Jesus has called.

I am expecting the Lord, my God, to be with me, to be with us, to share a message of love to enlighten souls to become spiritually and emotionally well.

So much has been bottled up but like the woman with the oil it will be poured out to overflow.

We will be hosting an open discussion on Spiritual Emotional Wellness (SEW) on May 20th, 7pm PST, on Instagram @LuvEnlightens.

Sign on. Join us. I’m expecting Christ to be in the boat with us. As we launch into the deep, you too will be blessed with the overflow.

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