Let's Talk: Spiritual Emotional Wellness

Let's Talk: Spiritual Emotional Wellness

LuvEnlightens is shifting up this month to promoting our behavioral health model--Spiritual Emotional Wellness (SEW).

Each word we share, we desire to be a Seed of Love to enrich your life.

We are about building community, having dialogue, valuing our humanity and love as common ground.

May is Mental Health month. Let's talk about how to manage our spiritual and emotional well-being while grieving, living, existing, to thriving, and self-actualizing.

We have gifts, talents, purpose. Let's get to it so we may live.

Set your calendar and please join us with a willingness to listen and open your heart.

May compassion lead you today and always, in Jesus name!

How to Join Meeting:
1- Mark you calendar for May 18th, 7PM PST
2- Scan QR Code
3- Follow LuvEnlightens 
4- At time of meeting, click on icon or logo to be taken to the LIVE event
Goodies to be given away.
Yummy soul goodness to be shared and received. I look forward to welcoming you!
Angel, Founder/Creative Visionary


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