Live & Be

Live & Be

Freedom from mental enslavement is the number one goal.

We are acclimated to so many cultures during our developmental years; not all of them give us permission to be ourselves.

Often we are assimilating to mass culture to feel safe to be.

But what happens when you go against the grain and give yourself full permission to be? Who are you? What do you love? Who do you love? How do you love to live? What feels good to you?

Freedom within my gifts or talents makes me feel suspended in space. Timeless. I'm so disconnected from time when I write or create.

Can you relate?

Our LuvBud, Wesley, pictured with camera has grown over twenty years into becoming a profound photographer. His works are dynamic! In fact, he did the photoshoot in November 2022, featuring the tees and T-hoodies: Love, I'm Perfect, Harvest Love, and LuvEnlightens. He was wearing Free to Be and I captured him in action.

Being a creative is so much freedom. Also reminds me of our T-shirt Expression Beats Depression. We get to express ourselves creatively. It brings about inner harmony.

What can you do for yourself that brings you personal joy and contentment?




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