Love Guides

Love Guides

Declarative Affirmation:

"I will seek love as my guide

to shower me with grace and mercy

overflowing to others freely."


This affirmation is loaded with a lot of good goodies!

I will--an affirmation. Declaring. Affirming. Unambiguous. Certain.

Seek--a verb, an action, attempt to find.

Love--God is love.

As my guide--I surrender to a Source greater than myself (Psalms 23:1)

to shower me--to be kind, generous, plentiful, refreshing

with grace--forgiveness, give favor

and mercy--including compassion, forgiveness, overlooking a fault

overflowing--abundance, continuously flowing, spilling over

to others--people, anyone whom I think of or interface with, pass by

freely--without restriction or interference, as it pleases.

Do you need another reason to state this declarative affirmation?

Because you are worth it.

You are an expression of love, made in the likeness of God: love.

The characteristics of God are known by the soul.

Let love be your guide and peace a lamp to your soul.

The road to knowing who oneself is truly bumpy and worthy.


Happy Travels!



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