LuvBud Appreciation

LuvBud Appreciation

Yay! The first LuvBud Appreciation was a total success!!!

Our Guest, Wendee Logan @harborviewdaycare shared insights.

I asked, "What drew you to the LuvEnlightens Brand?"

Her response, priceless. She poured so much #love into me, I touched my heart, sat, and received it. I am worthy. My well has been refilled.

Bonus! Our mutual friend and fellow LuvBud, Kandace West @kblingunlimited joined the convo. Whaaaat? I said, "Look at God."

I asked her the same question. Her response, similar to Wendee. My cup runneth over. She added:

"The message Happy ThanksLiving encourages me to take every word, dissect what it and examine what it means to me so I can live it."


It's reaffirming LuvEnlightens to continue choosing words, write, speak, create, teach, produce more products with messages of love to #enlighten souls.

Thank you LuvBuds for reflecting #luv of #LuvEnlightens and blessing my soul.

To purchase a shirt for yourself and become a LuvBud, please shop our collections for an Affirmation that resonates with you. Thank you!

With Love,


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