LuvBud Testimonial, Kimberly

LuvBud Testimonial, Kimberly

My Testimony 

Mother's Day was a turning point for me to LIVE. The devil put the thought in me that I would be better off dead without my children in my life. They want to love me from afar. I said, "Satan, get behind," and I rebuked him, in the name of Jesus.

I signed up for Woman Thou Art Loosed in Atlanta and invited my friend Mary to go.  Satan tried to keep her from going. ButGod made a way for both of us to attend.

We will forever be changed by the conference and trip!

We met Angel outside the conference wearing the T-shirt HAPPY THANKSLIVING! I knew immediately I had to purchase this shirt and be a billboard for Jesus!

It could have been easy to give up But God said, "Keep Living for me and be Happy and Thankful."  

Thank you for your messages LuvEnligtens!


Thank you, Kimberly, for sharing your love with me and LuvEnlightens! It was a joy to meet you.

God told me exactly where to go and sit which is the very place where we met. He dressed me too.

I was covered in Happy ThanksLiving to remind you, "You are too!"

To God be the glory, thank you Lord for your Masterful plan that is a marvel to comprehend. Thank you for your Lord for your love reaching out to us through others. Heart to heart. You know what matters. When we seek you, we see what matters too.

"May the eyes of our heart be enlightened." Ephesians 1:18

May Kimberly's testimony and my Luv Note be an encouragement to others.

For a message of gratitude for all seasons, Shop Happy ThanksLiving.


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