Make That Money!

Make That Money!

"Make that money," is what I declared after hearing Andrew Cordle say, "It's OK to say, 'I want money.'"

Why did I show up to Aspire Tour?  
To find ways to be effective... 
To make money.

Yes, fulfillment is important.
Pursuing purpose is rewarding.
Blessing others is good.
Making money to take care of me is good too.

Why the guilt trip then to ask for money?

As Marcus Lemonis said, "You should make as much money as you are ethically able to."

Earning as much #money as possible is good with me. I am #worth it.

My desires are beyond me. I have plans for charity and legacy. I also have plans to be a serial entrepreneur because I believe I already am.

I think admitting what I want releases whatever #psychological hangup about asking, will #free me up from #grinding to #growing #increasing in #engagement #sales #partnerships #profitability and #scaling.

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