Meet Empire SHE

Meet Empire SHE

Networking is essential!

I've been having a hard time getting behind the camera and getting my messages out there on social media. I decided to go back to where I am--local.

Tonight I attended the Black Chamber of Commerce of Ontario meeting. I met phenomenal people, made connections, and opportunities prevailed!

I'm grateful to meet Erika Paez, Founder of Empire SHE!

She is a radiant light. She is an attentive listener. She is evolving. She is doing.

Erika will be hosting events including a Women's Empowement Summit meeting for women in 2024. I am thrilled to be a Guest Speaker at her event next year.

We captured our enthusiasm in this impromptu video. I invite you to watch Erika describe Empire SHE in her own words.

I see a promising, fruitful relationship. Let's grow!




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