Move to Higher Ground

Move to Higher Ground

This morning as I was Journaling, I had a transformative experience. On the pages prior I dumped all the negativity and distractions on the page.

My spirit man wanted to scrunch all the writings on one man but the Holy Spirit within said, "No, turn the page." I obeyed.

When I turned the page, the affirmation on top said, "Be the light." Then I wrote what I intended, "Move to higher ground." I knew it was spiritual confirmation. There was a message in the writings illuminating truth to me.

I am still meditating on the meaning. Moving to higher ground on the conscious and subconscious level. Moving to higher ground divinely, in the natural and spiritual.

I am blessed. I use conflict to transform into good and to mature me further in my God-given destiny. It is all to be for God's glory.

I believe I can live heaven on Earth although it seems like hell all around. Living from the internal, not external, for eternal.

May you too have revelations and confirmations of your spiritual self living your best life on Earth. May you too move to higher ground in even the seemingly most difficult situations. It's all possible.

"With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26


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