No Harm

No Harm

I would love for this declarative affirmation to become a nation wide, even world wide, pledge, similar to I Declare World Peace.

Declare, affirm, pledge: “I will not harm myself or anyone else.”

Suicide and murder have become national crisis. So much mourning; so much death. Can we save someone? If this post saves one, Hallelujah!

I am by no way an expert but my heart is pulling for your heart to pull through the pain. Yes, I am asking you to live even if it feels crushing right now. Breathe and expand.

Proverbs 4:23 says we should guard our heart with all diligence because from out of it flows the issues of life. This scripture implies that whatever we allow to enter our hearts, if not examined and evaluated properly, will undoubtedly be expressed in our lives and our actions – in positive or negative ways.”

According to Mind, these are a few practical tips that other people have found helpful when they've felt suicidal.

  1. Get safe right now
  2. Distract yourself
  3. Challenge your thoughts

You are important.

You are lovable.

You are necessary.

If you are in crisis or contemplating suicide, call 988 for a Lifeline.

Learn more about 988 services, partner, or even apply for a job at Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

 With Love,

Angel, Founder


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