On the 7th Day

On the 7th Day

On the 7th Day, He rested.

How amazing it is to be in a New Year with Sunday being the first day of the year. That means every Sunday hereafter will be the Sabbath numerically as it is realistically.

Some celebrate Sabbath, a day of rest, beginning Friday, or Saturday and Sunday. Whichever, it’s up to you. However, we do have a commandment to “keep the Sabbath and make it holy.”

Last year I sought the Lord about what is the Sabbath really, and how do we keep it holy?

God revealed to me the Sabbath is a day to make holy to rest, reflect, and reset.

Genesis 1 shows all the multitudinous miraculous wonders God created—the Heavens, the firmament of the Earth, great waters, a garden, birds, animals—and finally, us. God created mankind in His likeness and image. Therefore, we are to be like Him.

  • Create great things
  • Call it “good
  • Rest

For each day that we are given, we are to create that which is good.

We are human and fallible. It is good to repent and ask for the goodness of God’s grace to cover our faults so that we may walk in the uprightness of God’s calling. This too is good.

God is in gratitude.

Be thankful.

Call the blessings you receive, good.

Call his faithfulness, good.

Call perseverance and endurance, good.

Call the way of escape, good.

Call his yoke easy and burden light, good.

Call in what you need to call in and declare it, good.

In the name of Jesus, we have power and victory!

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