Q1 Review

Q1 Review

It is good to count up the blessings, name them one-by-one.

I keep a calendar of accomplishments. Good for me because otherwise I'd underscore my wins.  

I am reminded of a previous post, "Though it tarry wait for it. The vision does not tarry." Habakkuk 

I have to trust the process. And I am accountable to you, the LuvBud community. You keep on believing, showing up, and adding life to the vision. Thank you!

So, drum roll please... Here is a list of our MONUMENTAL wins!  

  • 1/1 Day 1 Began with a double rainbow 🌈 🌈 claimed double portion
  • Sketching out an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign; scale, brand awareness, backers
  • Completed taxes for state, business and personal
  • Finalized Copyright License Agreement with TLO
  • Received Trademark registration notification
  • Attended educational conference CES, photographed in AARP Hx “Free to Be”
  • I’ve seen God work in mysterious ways all for my glory: Psalms 23
  • Purged unnecessary files digitally and physically
  • Prepared for the remainder of Self Love & Wellness with Chermel Williams
  • Hosted 3-shows; uploaded two to YouTube; paid Fiverr guy to make reels
  • Continue business strategizing > Pivoting to Business to Business (B2B) model
  • 5-repeat orders from LuvBud Fay c/o LuvBud Amy—Thank you!
  • Received “About LuvEnlightens” video; Uploaded to YouTube, shared as blog too
  • Ordered an infographic to describe social enterprise and reasons to buy LuvEnlightens
  • Applied for 4-Grants, 2-Pitch Competitions, and 1-scholarship
  • Awarded Self Made Scholarship for 1:1 Business Coaching & Entrepreneurial Commty.
  • Post to social media to build brand awareness
  • Receive business coaching; maintain relationship with accountability partner
  • Strengthen communication with established partnerships
  • Network for collaborative partnerships or mutual support
  • Donations received from generous hands: bless their souls.

 Everything builds on top of another. Each step taken is built for our success. I am delighted to have so many wins.  I am excited to see LuvEnlightens building out. 

I am declaring and decreeing we will add 1-2 staff persons (or, interns) to advance our business goals. Next quarter you can anticipate we will be building brand awareness, launching an Indiegogo campaign (or two), and increasing sales to meet membership goals with Trees for the Future so all persons can receive a certificate. Yay!

Stay with us. Thank you for being apart!

With Love,

Angel, Founder/CEO
Luv Enlightens LLC 


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