Rising Together with Rebecca Rodarte-Byrne

Rising Together with Rebecca Rodarte-Byrne

Today I had the joy of meeting a number of dynamic women at "Rising Together."

I met the host, Rebecca Rodarte-Byrne, an amazing woman with a generous heart. She shared her life story. I learned great things can come from selflessly giving.

Rebecca shared how she volunteered, then they offered her a position, and now she receives a pension. Totally unexpected. The beautiful gains from a heart of service.

She demonstrated how she followed her values and it led to great rewards.

I believe we can all be like Rebecca; I think she believes you can too.

Simple yet great things happen for #OrdinarilyExtraordinary people ✨️

I didn't take any selfies but I somehow snuck into this photo with these other ladies. 🤭

It was all #love 💛

Thank you Jurupa Valley Coalition!


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