Say No to Evil

Say No to Evil

We must say no to evil.

We, each of us, as individuals have the power to say, “No,” to whatever evil we identify in life.

We have the authority to say how far it can come into our lives.

Perhaps that may be an overstatement from the point of being unable to control outside forces.

But that’s the point. You are a powerful force. Your choice makes the difference.

You get to determine what evil is and if you will become or denounce it.

There is much debate about evil. Simply put, you know what it is. We all do.

We all have eaten of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. That’s how we’re here. Driven out of heaven to experience a different kind of life. A life to remember the good of our being and return to living in the abundance of it.

Or, we can choose evil ways.

The Bible says, “Murder begins in the heart.”

To be angry is not evil, but to leave it unchecked is dangerous.

I hear the Bible saying, “Deal with it quickly so it doesn’t take hold of you.”




There are more.

Stealing. Robbing. Stalking.

Witchcraft. Debauchery.

Name the others.

These are things you must say no to.

Even if you have indulged, once you become in the knowledge what you are participating in, or is tempting to you be a part of, you must say no.

Our personal power is the only true power we have.

The power of our choice and to act upon it.

We get to choose.

If you believe in love, as I know so many of us do, how then can you conceive evil?

Ask yourself if your thoughts or actions are in alignment with your highest ideals of love.

Love will be your greatest catalyst and soul salvation.

Everything you have, everything you can do, everything you can become, let it be love.


My name is Angela Cherise.

I am a Messenger.

This has been a message of love to enlighten your soul.


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