Self-Care in Decision Making

Self-Care in Decision Making

Today, I decided to decline an offer to go to a networking event. I did so because I knew my energy was waning. I had a full week with multiple demands and blessings. I knew I was fatigued. I prayed about it. I wrestled with myself. I didn’t want to let down the person who invite me.

I began to visualize myself at the event. I saw myself driving feeling stressed out and obligated. I saw myself at the venue looking for the party—again feeling stressed. I could feel and see I was not at my best. I felt frazzled, short of patience, smiling but not brightly.

I played the other scenario. I visualized what it would “be” like if I were to decline going. Immediately, I felt lighter in my body. I saw my chest rise from a deep breath and I felt air expand in my brain. Already, these were two immediate signs showing I was intuitively in the right direction.

I continued visualizing. I saw myself respectfully saying, “No, not right now.” I then saw the invitation being extended.

The scene flipped. The individual whom a referred to me to meet, we met a different way. We were in an office setting. I saw myself shaking his hand with both hands. My smile was bright, pleasant, genuine from the calm, confident place inside. Yes, that's what I want!

What I wasn’t aware of until then was I was suppressing a fear that if I don’t say “yes” to everything, I will miss out, I will make someone mad, the opportunity for business partnering could be lost…

By going through the visualization, being honest about what I really wanted, my truest desires were made known. And I saw the invitation to connect with professionals was extended to another time whereby I said, “Yes,” and felt really good about it. I could feel myself this time at ease, smiling, genuine. Hello! That’s the good stuff I want.

I awoke from visualization confident I will not lose anything. I will gain more by saying “yes” to my well-being.

If I’m already feeling at 10%, how can I give 100?

Do you ever do this too? Try to give what you don’t have because you feel “I have to, or else?”

Now I understand the saying, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.”

We do not want to move in fear. We are living by faith—hope.

We, you and I, have the right to say “No” and “Yes.” By doing so, we are caring for ourselves.

Let me tell you, after I made that decision, I turned off the television and went to bed. I slept over 3-pleasant hours with the A/C on and my Puppy Love at my feet.

Come on somebody! It was a very good day and an enriching experience. I am sharing the blessings with you.


I have permission to choose what is best for me.

I will be honest with myself about my needs.

I love myself enough to trust myself to take care of me.


Please watch replay of IG Live video with special guest, Chermel Williams LMFT, regarding Self-Care Matters from 06/23/22

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