Self Love : Stop the Domestic Violence

Self Love : Stop the Domestic Violence

Lately, I have been watching my pennies.

I contemplated a skirt I purchased lesser than a cost of a happy meal.

I returned it only to regret it, then go back to the store, and was unable to find it.

I kicked myself over and over

“What were you thinking? You’ll never find a skirt like that again.”

During that time, I noticed my conversation with myself.

I was spinning.

I had to calm myself down.

I realized I didn’t need anyone else to beat me up; I was willfully doing it on my own.

I was talking to a friend who was being encouraging but it was deafly.

“Self-flogging, party of 1.” I heard myself say aloud.

Quizzically she replied, “What?”

Acknowledging what had just transpired, I said:

“You know what, I have to stop this domestic violence on myself.”


Reminds me of the Credit Karma commercial with Kyle kicking himself.

“He never knows if he’s making good financial decisions so he just keeps kicking himself.”

The other neighbor tells Kyle, “Its OK.”

Kyle then switches to a machine that pats him on the back and with a deep sigh of relief he said, “I’ve always wanted to use this one.”

“What would I like to tell myself instead? How can I celebrate myself even while stressed?” I questioned.

Grace. Give myself some grace.

Are you able to give yourself grace?

Grace is forgiveness to learn, freedom to move, make mistakes, and take the wisdom.

I learned to be more gracious to myself, in that moment in time.

My breathing became lighter. I even laughed at how ridiculous it was for me to be beating myself up.

I reminded myself, “You wouldn’t tolerate being in a domestic violence situation, so why are you doing it to yourself?”

“You’re right,” I replied.

I always am 😊


Moral of the story, be kind with yourself.

In the Bible, Galatians 6:1 encourages to “restore one in a spirit of gentleness.”

You are the one who deserves to be restored in a spirit of gentleness.

Can you make a commitment to be kind(er) to yourself?

How we love on ourselves will transfer, prayerfully, to how we love one another.

A spirit of gentleness fosters kindness.

Kindness is an expression of love.


Affirmation: Kindness toward myself is love personified.

If you agree, share a heart ♥


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I think we all beat up on ourselves at one time or another. Mistakes, we have all made them. Being kind to one another is the joy that I give to others because I can’t walk with Him and be mean to others. Sometimes we have to look over things to be the winner. I prefer to win. That’s my hearts desire that we come together and love one another like He loves us. Oh that sounds so wonderful but it takes time and effort to turn it around and stop hurting yourself and others.
Getting to know luvenlightens and working with them is a start. God Bless you Angel for working to make this a reality for many of us
Love does enlighten are dreams and desires

Avila Henderson

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