SHE's Empowered Tea Party

SHE's Empowered Tea Party

Celebrate the New Year with bringing in a mindset that shift the perception of perfection into progression quickly!

@_empireofshe will be hosting SHE's Empowered Tea Party empowering women to take reign over themselves, master Self-Love, healing, and empowerment.

I am delighted be chosen to be their Keynote Speaker. Inspired by the LuvEnlightens teaching, ImPerfect, we have created a 40-60 minute Spiritual Emotional Wellness Workshop (SEWW) titled "5 Keys to Shift Perfect to Progress."

Hello?! Anybody else want to learn how to...
💛 give yourself grace
💛 reframe and retrain the brain
💛 foster resilience and fierceness

If you answered "yes," well come on then!

A few seats remaining. Use QR code to register.

Lemme tell you, the Founder of Empire of SHE is a classy, upstanding woman with a mission to love, a heart for people, especially for women.

Single, divorced, married, non binary... title or status don't matter. We will be joining together in solidarity to empower healing.

The more you love yourself, the quality of life will improve.

See QR code at the end and toddle over to @_empireofshe on Instagram to follow.

Thank you!

P.s. Training will eventually be made available to the public. Listen out for announcements... 🌱

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