Show Your Work

Show Your Work

The old adage from middle school algebra class returns to me. “Show your work if you want it to count, if you want credit; otherwise, it's like you haven't done it at all.”

I was convicted by the Holy Spirit to share the journey with you. After all, you are my peeps!

I am busily working on LuvEnlightens, constantly chipping away making improvements to website, adding new inventory—but how do you know if I don't tell you?

Yes, they are personal victories but moreover success for the business.

So, here's what I want you to know:

  • LuvEnlightens website has been revised, updated, basically overhauled. I’m excited about the new look. please go and check out for yourself.
  • New products have been added I've scaled back to scale up. I would like to offer more but being effective at little will produce much.
  • Blog in effect! I love writing. I know there's all kinds of technology with video—and I want to capture that too—but there's nothing like physically writing. Something happens. Heaven-Heart-Handwritten affirmations and most other content is written.

Still glow growing and glowing!

Let me know what's important to you. What communications from LuvEnlightens do you wish to receive?

Please visit the website for more information about Who We Are.

We appreciate your shopping our Lifestyle Apparel to actualize our mission to Seed Love & Cause a Global Heartwarming.  New collections have been added.

Thank you for rocking with the love of LuvEnlightens!

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Love, love, and more love.
Well worth your time
Nicely done

Avila Henderson

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