Strength to Love

Strength to Love

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King's book, "Strength to Love," transformed my life.

His ability to articulate a God thing on an Earthly plain regarding the "maladjusted" while giving even the oppressor dignity as a God's creation is a great demonstration of Strength to Love.

Often we hear snippets of Dr. King's speeches. However, I enjoy listening to and reading the book he authored for myself.

King was a valiant leader in non-violent activism. We need to learn how to become non-violent to ourselves and one another.

Murder and suicide rate is at an all time high.
Poverty is beseeching many, and homelessness is normalized.
Wars have erupted around the globe.
School and mass shootings rampant.
Racism is disgustingly promoted as humor.

Where is the peace?
Where is the love?

We need Strength to Love ourselves, God, and one another.

The King Center @thekingcenter will be hosting a FREE training 1/8 and 1/9 teaching the Kingian Theory/Principles of Nonviolence.

The world is us. We must be willing to change ourselves to positively impact change in our world.

Please sign up, participate, and spread the word about the training.

Moreover, summons the strength to live a life daily dedicated to LOVE.




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