Surviving Suicide Mind

Surviving Suicide Mind


“I will live my life until my appointed time.”

Ecclesiastes 3:1-6


Suicide is on the rise, at an all-time high, and many loved ones are left wondering why.

As one who survived suicidal ideation, I have to remind myself of my commitment to keep on living. I’ve established some scriptures and affirmations for myself to support my recommitment to live.

Life can be overwhelming. Its true.

Sometimes it feels like there’s no let up. Maybe so.

Its hard to believe, “this too shall pass,” but it does.

I’ve learned, if I do not hyper focus on what’s unpleasant going on in my life, I have more room for appreciation.  I have more room for laughter. I have more room for breath.

When I connect with my breath… wow, what a difference life makes!

The declarative-affirmation, “I will live my life until my appointed time,” is a declaration that I  will live until my God intended end.

I will not murder myself at my own hands. No. Not for me.

There is a time and a season under the sun for everything. A time to be born, a time to die. A time to plant; a time to pluck up that which has been planted.

What has been planted that needs to be plucked up because it is taking away from vitality of life?

Ask yourself that question? Seek God for the question and answer.

Take courage to uproot a weed or seed that brings destruction and torment to your mind.

Declaring to live is a declaration to that you will endure difficult times and situations.

That’s OK. You and I, we can handle hard stuff. It will not overtake us.

If you are willing, make this declarative affirmation for yourself. Say aloud to your whole entire being:

“I am going to live until my God appointed time to die.” 

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