The Lord Rejoices

The Lord Rejoices

The month of January is off to a speedy start. We are already halfway through.

Nonetheless, its still on my heart to do a 2022 review.

Many gains and strides have been made in establishing LuvEnlightens.

God said, “Do not despise small beginnings. I rejoice to see the work has begun.”

My heart rejoices to know God rejoices over me and the little things I do. How awesome!

Perhaps you have been like me, undermining gains, the little great strides because it isn't the big idea at full actualization.

As I counted up the blessings, it is joyful! The little is great and I give thanks.

Thank you to the LuvBud Community (LBC)! You rock! Your purchases and feedback inspire me.

LuvBuds have increased 5x more than last year with a number of LuvBuds returning. Yay!

We hosted our first LuvBud Appreciation with Wendee Logan as our guest.

Additionally, @LuvEnlightens hosted Guest Speakers via Instagram Live:

  • LuvBud C. Imani Williams, Author of Rootwork, Mental Health Awareness Month (May)
  • Chermel Williams LMFT, Author of Guide to Self Love, Self Love Soul Series (May-Dec)
  • Amber Williams, Founder of Little Women Speak!, International Day of the Girl (Oct)

LuvEnlightens Founder, Guest Speaker, on Show Up & Love Podcast, and Writing is a Lifestyle via IG Live @selfcreated124 with Author, Henery X.

Vision birthed and expansion with first handwritten logo for Little Women Speak!

Hired a Virtual Assistant for help to create social media content.

Had 2 successful photo shoots—everyone involved for success, I give gratitude to, are:

  • Janelle Rycraw, Model
  • Kandace West, KBling Unlimited Jewelry Consultant
  • Kylie Jean, Make Up Artist, Photographer and Model
  • Wesley Hubbard, Photographer
  • Roxanne, Model (and Mom/Family)
  • Grace, Model (Mom, Grandma, Brother)
  • Amber and AD Williams, Models

LuvBud Valai, hosted a Girls Night Out event, purchasing several T-shirts to stuff  gift bags, and gifted more tees to others.

Received branding advice from IEWBC, a free business counseling service, which has resulted in:

  • Refreshing website
  • Determining a Branding Kit… colors, numbers, and all
  • Developing marketing materials with branding goals in mind

Trees for the Future (TFTF) partnership is ongoing for monthly contributions.

Printer, T-Shirt King, continuing to provide high-quality press and now including inside labeling.

USPTO notification received indicating Trademark application received first green light for approval.

New to network: Cherise B., Chermel Williams, Ehmanda Ramsey, Henery X, Clubhouse @WritersWay

Mentorship received from Sheila Andres, Robin McKheen, Angel Guerra-Chagolla, and Ms. Willie Mae

Enrichment conferences attended are Magic (Feb 22) and, Woman Thou Art Loosed (Sept 22).

Books read (or listened to) for enrichment are Fashion for Profit, The Resilient Entrepreneur, The Game of Life and How to Play It, The Power of Now, Rootwork, and The Bible.

Submitted works to Copyright Office to protect Intellectual Property (IP).


Our future goals are to increase sales to meet requirements to step up partnership with TFTF.

Fundraise $4,000 to donate to TFTF to fund one year of Agroforestry model and planting trees.

Monthly accountability to myself and LBC with how we are meeting our donation goals via newsletter.

Grow social media presence with consistent posting.

Engage with community more frequently with polls, surveys, and the like.

Educate public more on LuvEnlightens our social enterprise, why its an important brand.

Increase Guest Speaking gigs in person, virtual, or podcasting.

Create a Speaker’s 1-sheet and a Public Relations (PR) Kit.

Focus on business plan, update where necessary, and roll out the plan.

Determine metrics to measure, frequency, and consistency.

Apply for Seed money.

Engage in Pitch competitions.

Move to a new T-shirt sale model of monthly promotions. Pre-sale only.

LuvEnlightens will be expanding services to include Licensing images to other businesses or persons. We desire to partner with like-minded, like-hearted organizations who can/will license an image or affirmation to promote cause.

We will also be offering Customize Logo/Image services. Please use the Contact Us form to express interest. More details are soon to come.

Each step, each action, each day, each year, matters. Its all interconnected and building upon one another.

I was delighted to remember. I am also hopeful and determined for our future.

May you too acknowledge you little gains as great and rejoice with God who rejoices over you!

Thank you for your support and growing with us!

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