True & Good

True & Good

“I will manage my self-care for what is true and good for me.”


Is there any other way to live?

If I am not willing to be honest with myself, what else do I have?

Dishonesty. Deceit. Regret. Self-blame. Low self-worth.

Why would I do that?

Because somewhere at a time I may or may not remember made an agreement with something that I believed was the best for me; but does it serve me now?

According to the “Shadow” theory, first defined by Carl Jung, says we all have a part of our personality that we hide-or try to-because we are fearful it is not socially acceptable behavior and our desire to be liked.

The desire to live an authentic life comes from the desire to live absent from self-deception, accepting oneself, and creating for self within self. Therefore:

I will show up to the truth.

I will be a friend to myself.

I will take care of me because I love me; I’m concerned about me.

I will take care of me.

Truth will lead and guide me into what is good for me.

My declarative affirmation is:

“I will manage my self-care for what is true and good for me.”

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