Ventricles of Love: Give and Receive

Ventricles of Love: Give and Receive

Do you know you are worthy of love?

Are you walking in your worthiness?

If you have a glimmer of how awesome you are,

Hold on to your shine.

What seems small often is monumental

We are the love we desire

We are worthy of both giving and receiving



Be good to you.

Be happy with you.

Take a day off from self-berating

Then, take another day off, and another…

Until you have a new routine of

Resting in the beauty of being you

You will be able to give more

And receive more


Like the heart

There are two ventricles

Working cooperatively together

Clear passages

Allow the flow




Whether wins or losses

Ups or downs

The flow in

The flow out




I hope this Valentine’s Day holiday

Comes in with sweetness from

A sweet tooth of you.

Call yourself delicious

Smickity-smack scrumptious

A one of kind treat.

Declare aloud or softly

I love me some beautiful, wonderful me!

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