Victory Over Defeat

Victory Over Defeat

Accepting defeat without being defeated is a sign of personal growth.

I applied for a business grant a few months ago. I learned today I was not one of the grantees.

I felt like, “Shucks!” Then noticing my lips poked out, I admitted to myself, “I was really hoping for that.”

With a resigned sigh I accepted that I did not win one of the grants.

I observed my mind race to the negative. “If not me then who did they pick? A total of twenty, how come I didn’t make one?”

The spirit of jealousy tried to cross up on me.

I acknowledged my angst and said, “No.” I’ve already made my decision to not envy but celebrate others. I had to bring my thoughts and behavior into alignment.

I scrolled down the page, reviewing their names, and saying “Congratulations” to each.

Who was I to think my business is more deserving than others?

There are more than 20 small business entrepreneurs with worthy causes.

My application was amongst other passionate, talented people with a vision to improve the quality of life or be a solution for the betterment of humanity is a privilege.

I am grateful I applied. To be told “no” is an honor. I know I believed in myself and competed. I applied. If I didn’t apply, I definitely would’ve been ineligible. However, applying demonstrates that I believe in myself, LuvEnlightens, our mutual and independent success.

By the time I scrolled to the end of the page, I was relieved. I found my breathing lighter and a smile on my face. I repeated scrolling page with a prayer. A change had come.

I am not defeated. It is perspective. The outcome is a win. I’ll be even more excited when I receive the “Yes” and prayerful other applicants who receive a “No” to keep going.

What is your point of view? My scope started downtrodden but turned upward restoring hope.

My POV is acceptance.

I am free from self-criticism.
I move forward and bless.
In my going, I am blessed.
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