Violet Williams Presents Happy ThanksLiving

Violet Williams Presents Happy ThanksLiving

I had the privilege of joining Violet Williams on her TV Show, Violet Williams Presents, to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of her book, "Create A Life You Love: The Blueprint."

Violet and I met recently at the Asiaina 2nd Cultural Diversity Business Festival held on 11/11/23. I was wearing the LuvEnlightens Tee with the affirmation, Happy ThanksLiving, which sparked a conversation that ignited the invitation. 

Our conversation uncovered strong connections between Violet's blueprint and the principles of LuvEnlightens Spiritual Emotional Wellness (SEW), namely:

  • Aligning with Love
  • Redefining Shadow Work
  • Affirming an Abundant Mindset

We explored how Happy ThanksLiving is much more than a phrase, it’s a way of life. Happy ThanksLiving is about accessing gratitude to reach abundance, living joyfully, and deliberately daily.

I provide a few tools you can choose to use to cultivate more grace, gratitude, and self-love. Most don’t require money or physical things to achieve, only willingness.

Watch and listen to our 30-minute discussion for gems to hear me teach how to live Happy ThanksLiving: a way of embracing gratitude, love, and abundance in every moment. 

Violet shares scientific findings on neuroplasticity from "The Blueprint," supporting our need for love and peace.

Violet's book, "Create A Life You Love," is a treasure trove of inspiration, blending personal anecdotes, substantive information, and actionable activities aimed at fostering positive change in our lives. Her blueprint for creating a life filled with love serves as a guiding light for those seeking purpose, fulfillment, and joy. You can purchase Create A Life You Love on Amazon.

If you’d like to shop LuvEnlightens Lifestyle Apparel for a Tee to body positively embrace you with this affirmation, click on Happy ThanksLiving today. 


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Absolutely encouraging to all I am sure. You are doing the work and no doubt the tree will constantly bear fruit for you.

Henderson Avila

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