Welcome a New Season

Welcome a New Season


Often times seasons are viewed as winter, spring, summer or fall. However, in the spirit realm, seasons can be years long. 

I invite you to invite in a new season into your life. Make an exchange. Give up something that doesn't serve you to make room for the life you desire. Many things we can't control, but thank goodness we can actually choose our attitude and redirect our thoughts. That's victory over many battles to be won right there. 

You are a champion, born for greatness. You can achieve that which you dream, or envision, and know it is for you and the greater good of all of humanity.

Encourage yourself into believing, receiving and doing. Give the inner critic a boot! Any other critics of ridicule, belittling or dehumanizing can go too. They're a tool for you to exercise your power. 

Determine a season of greatness to last a lifetime long.

With Love,


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