Why ImPerfect Matters

Why ImPerfect Matters

I am participating in Women Rocking the Stage 7-day Trainging with Sage Lavine She is an awesome teacher, provides great strategies, and a heart that shines through.

One of our tasks was to create a 1-minute video telling about our business and product.

Why do I get super nervous and tongue tied when the camera is on?

Thank God she invited us to be imperfect. I needed that outlet.

Instead of stopping and deleting, I completed. I felt like speaking was a win. Not deleting was a win. Sharing my imperfect self and video was a greater #win.

Much stuff doesn't make it to your eyes because I think it's not right, it doesn't follow the steps I learned in a class or YouTube video.

What this video shows me is the #message I share is clear.

#Imperfect can be seen for its duality--not being #perfect, and with a little subtraction to make a contraction, the word becomes an #affirmation, stating I'm Perfect.

I am/You are/We are imperfect #human beings constantly seeking to become better.

If this message resonates with you, please lift a #heart up in the comment section.

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