Video Milestone

Video Milestone


Accomplished putting together an Intro to LuvEnlightens video with the help of a few others. It was a vision made fruition. I'm excited to celebrate this brand addition!

Compliments to Darnell Boone. He is a talented videographer and a discerning encourager.

I solicited help from Writer, Terri Hunt, to write the perfect script. Turns out, there isn't one. I fumbled over the script, reversing back to a previous pitch, and trying to give a perfect delivery.

I couldn't find one; I had to speak from the heart.

I believe you'll see the heart of LuvEnlightens and why our apparel is an extension of shinning our messages.

I'm excited about this milestone. There will be other videos to follow. Each one I'll learn how to articulate better and better. I learned from Terri the importance of crafting a video, or script, for the intended audience.

A future video will be  for Indiegogo campaigns speaking to backers. May the LuvBud momentum grow!

Healthful feedback is welcome.

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