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The name LuvBud as part of the LuvEnlightens brand to describe the unique relationship customers have to their product and social enterprise.

Luv Buds are affectionately named so because it's a double entendre, meaning: the consumer is a buddy to the Luv brand; and each purchase is a donation to plant a seed of love to a social enterprise non-profit partner to plant a tree; henceforth, causing love to bud.

LuvBud© is a creative Literary Work created by Founder for LuvEnlightens brand.

LuvBud_Dene_CrossCountryUSA_1 (2018_07_09 04_58_38 UTC).JPG


"Bought this t-shirt to ride with me across America. Expression can beat depression. Thanks LuvEnlightens!"



"I love the handwriting. It is so unique. And I love it's such a positive message. Tee feels good too. I wear it all the time."



"Being a LuvBud is my way to Show P to Love!  Affirmations are so powerful and enlight enlightening. I thought the tee was going to be tight but it fits perfectly."

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We welcome your participation and support. 

Shop our collections for an affirmation that resonates with your soul to purchase and qualify to become a LuvBud.


Join us for a Spiritual Emotional Wellness Workshop (SEWW).


Follow on our socials to stay apprised of more ways to partner with LuvEnlightens to make love bud.

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