About Luv

LuvEnlightens is a whole vibe! We believe our true identity is love and when we look at each other through the eyes of love, our hearts become enlightened, and it begins to transform our soul.

Luv is Personal

Our graphic designs are scripted in print or cursive by the Creator’s hand. It’s not a font; the writings are personally handwritten. The designs are authentically different, nor can they be duplicated. Look for unique characteristics, the flow of pen, and even perfect imperfections. Feel the love transference.


From heaven-to-heart, heart-to-hand affirmations are divinely inspired. We create collections according to each Affirmation. You can read collection description or watch video for greater understanding why this message is shared as love to enlighten the soul.

Darkness Proceeds Light

When God created Earth, darkness covered the Earth. Then, God called light into existence and "the light was good." (Genesis 1:1-4) Likewise, we grow from darkness, a lack of knowledge, into enlightenment, a greater place of love. That's why our classic designs are black and white.

Uni-Tee for Humanity

Each collection features a Unisex T-shirt and long sleeve tee or hoodie. We will be using the classic Unisex Tee for our upcoming monthly promotions, then hosting "How to Cut Your T-shirt" Tutorials so you can personalize your basic tee. We believe this will be a great demonstration of diversity in Uni-Tee!


Operations are aligned with principals to cause the least amount of damage to the planet. We are constantly seeking eco-friendly, cost-effective options to provide quality products and services. As a social enterprise, we’ve chosen to reinvest back into the planet by planting trees for every purchase.

Please read more about Seed Love and our intention to Cause a Global Heartwarming.

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