Our Luv Buds are our Brand Ambassadors shining the messages that resonate with their soul.

Luv Buds are affectionately named so because it's a double entendre, meaning: 

  • Love is Budding-with every T-shirt or product purchase, our social enterprise is able to Seed Love 
  • You are a buddy to the brand; therefore, you are a LuvBud 

It's been extraordinary to see how people connect with the written words!

Pictures and testimonials are welcome.

Please submit via Contact Luv or tag @LuvEnlightens on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok. 

Thank you! Because of you, Luv Buds!

Please be advised the name LuvBud(c) is copywritten and intellectual property of LuvEnlightens, essential to the brand to promote our social enterprise.

Added benefit we get a chance to celebrate those who purchase from our brand in a unique, signature kind-of-way. 

If you received a promotional item, we welcome you as a LuvBud too!

We appreciate it when our LuvBuds wear and share these messages of love that enlightens their souls; it helps to enlighten others with love too.

If you are a LuvBud, please refer those who are interested to SHOP LuvEnlightens and become a LuvBud too!

Thank you 💛

Pictured is LuvBud, Lorrine Patterson, Founder & CEO of Show Up & Love, wearing Luv's "Expression Beats Depression" in white (also available in black)