Meet the Founder

Hello Love Community!

My name is Angela Cherise Alley, otherwise known as, Angel.

I am so pleased God birthed LuvEnlightens in me to share with the world.

I first envisioned a T-shirt company that focused on humanity, named it Human-i-Tees, “to honor the I in U and me.” After a failed trademark application, my hopes were dashed. I walked away from the idea, focused on other pursuits, but the desire never truly left me.

A few years later, I had what I call “a holy disturbance.” My spirit was awakened, disturbed. Denying the calling made my soul restless. I prayed for God to bless the vision and give me courage to walk in it.

I questioned what principles I deeply believed in. I knew I believed in love, and that love could restore humanity. God spoke, “Love Enlightens.” I knew to hold it in my spirit and write the title down.

Holding my treasure, I was thanking God as I walked to my desk trusting God’s guidance to find something to write on. I grabbed an 8x10” dry erase board and marker. I wrote out the name, luvenlightens, which we used for our first logo and T-shirt design.

I smiled looking at the spelling of “love” as “luv.” I nodded in agreement thinking, “Yes, love can often be or feel elusive.” So, the “U” adds to the obscurity of love. Yet, we are still believers, seekers, givers and receivers of love.

I studied Psychology and Behavioral Science with a B.A. and M.A. respectively.  As an experienced Mediator & Facilitator, we are always looking for common ground in which two or more objecting parties can agree upon to facilitate parties’ abilities in determining their own resolution.

Humanity may not agree on a multitude of things, but we all collectively agree that love is key to have, give, and experience in life. Love is humanity’s common ground.

As a child of God, a student of Christ, and Bible believer I’ve asked a few important questions of God that I believe have truly shaped my life:

  • Lord, teach me how to pray.
  • God, open my eyes to love.
  • Abba, let me know the mysteries of God.

God has been faithful to answer my prayers. I pray often. I enjoy singing—gospel music is one of my favorites. Often during times of praise or meditation, God will drop in my spirit a message I know it is for me and the people. I write it down.

I observed the movement of the writing had its own unique beauty. Each design is one-of-a-kind, like us, humanity.

That’s why the written words are affectionately called, “Heaven-to-Heart, Heart-to-Handwritten Affirmations.”

God has illuminated scriptures to me and made them relatable to our well-being. I speak from both paradigms: spiritual and emotional wellness. I am introducing a new paradigm called spiritual emotional wellness through our posts, blogs, or vlogs highlighting how we can care for our belief system to be in alignment with love to draw in more love and foster greater emotional wellness.

I welcome opportunities to connect with like-minded, like-hearted people. If you would like to partner on a project or invite me to be a Guest Speaker on your platform, please complete the Contact Us form.

I value everyone’s support of LuvEnlightens. Together, we are able to actualize the vision to Seed Love & Cause a Global Heartwarming.