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How is Your Heart

How is your heart?

Just thought I'd ask.

It's different from how are you doing.

What I'm really inquiring is how are you managing the stress of living?

It's undeniable we have multiple stressors to cope with. Seems like life keeps coming hard and fast. I just want hi def speed to ease off the gas.

We need time to cope. We need time to grieve. Yet, we are still responsible for our conduct. We are responsible for managing our emotions.

I ask again, how is your heart?

Do you need to massage it sometimes?

Touch your heart.

Remember your tender.

Reassure yourself.

Breathe into your breaths.

Connect with yourself.

Create safety for yourself.


"I'm alright.

I love you.

I understand what you're going through."

Rest in your own company.

Keep practicing, repeating.The mind will certainly come back to attack with thoughts of what you want to be bye-gone. The reaffirming will help it exit out the door.

I love you but God loves you more.

May this message of love enlighten your soul!

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