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People are People

I recently met a woman at the post office.

She advised that the person would be back.

We had to wait.

I thanked her for letting me know.

There was a gentleman who stood by.

He wore a very big smile, jovial of sorts, and reminded me of holiday cheer.

I acknowledge him and observed he was next in line.

I had a package to pick up. I resigned to wait. So, I did to the side.

The woman chimed in the reason she was waiting was because her mailbox had gotten broken into.

I expressed remorse.

She continued, “People suck.”

And I replied, “Not really.”

She smirked, shrugged her shoulders, and turned her gaze away from me.

“People are desperate,” I continued. “They'll do desperate things in desperate times.”

She shifted back and forth while biting her lip.

The man observing our interaction commented something I can’t remember trying to distract or diffuse what he may have presumed was a fuse.

There was no feud on my part nor did I feel like there was on hers.

I spoke my truth.

I do believe people are inherently good.

I don't think we should overlook the amazing good people do without acknowledgement or salute.

Many people give and serve in relief services

Coming to the aide of persons in their time of distress

With medical care or supplies

Making donations contributions

Or whatever they can, as helping hands.

We couldn't make it without the help and kindness and goodness of people.

We are amazing!

I pray we will be constructive in our lives, and how we approach living day-to-day, especially in times of distress.

We have to arrest that spirit and bring it to the subjection of the Holy Spirit.

May you wear the breastplate of righteousness.

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